The Divine Plan

Do you believe in fate? I do.

I believe that our life’s plans are already written for us and we’re merely following along in steps. Sometimes we don’t take the universe’s cues to change course seriously or we make a decision that veers us off the path but eventually we will be pulled back on course.

I believe in this because in life we don’t always have control. Yes, our values guides our choices and our choices guide our actions and our actions create our realities but weaved deeply underneath all of this, It Is Written. For me it’s the underlying foundation of all I know.  I imagine it to be like the Yellow Brick Road but somehow more Arabic like a beautiful magic carpet. It’s definitely gold with tassels.  It’s my Divine plan.

When I can’t understand why something bad happens to me, why I didn’t get what I thought I wanted, why lovers leave and friends lose touch, why our bodies become ill – I have to give up on the idea that my choices led me here and believe in something greater, something I don’t have control over and yet something I can trust. You might call this God. I call it the Universe. Maybe UniGod?

At the end of 2012 I had premonitions like you wouldn’t believe; premonitions of fear and anxiety over 2013. I felt like something bad was going to happen. Well, it did. I spent the better part of Winter in the hospital, at home, sick and down. Once that was past me I embraced what had happened and put it behind me but over the last four weeks, once again, life has handed me a whole truckload of fucking lemons again.

“Hello, Universe,  its me, Gabrielle. Remember all of that lemonade you had me make out of the lemons in February? Right. I’m all through with making lemonade this year.  Don’t you have someone else who needs a ‘when life hands you lemons lesson?’ Come on, Universe, skip me this time?”

One of my favourite saying is “We wait and wait for life to happen and then it all happens at once.” I guess I could say the same with challenges and opportunity.

Because I believe in fate, I have to tell myself that this truckload of lemons are mine. Destined to me in some way. My lemons that have been grown just for me to make the most perfect and divine lemonade of all.

There are only two things I know of that when accompanied by a dose of optimism, will help you trust in your Divine plan:

Affirmations: To believe in something, you’ve got to be singin’ it to the choir. However you want to feel, say it out loud every day. Look in the mirror and say it. Shout it. Whatever it takes, but know that the more you say it the sooner you’ll believe it. I love a good mantra.

Trust: If seeing is believing, or believing is seeing – visualize your Divine plan. What’s the underlying foundation of your life look like, the safety net, the ocean where only you are buoyant? Mine’s an Arabic Carpet formed into a Yellow Brick Road Path. What’s yours?

Trust, trust, trust that there is good in store for you. Plenty of good. Lots of amazing.



Photo Credit: Axel Antas

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