Change, a rant.

Change. Ch-ch-ch-change.

Even the word itself can make some of us uncomfortable. She brings us back to hard change, change that wasn’t our choice, the tough stuff is often change.

And here’s the thing, change is what it is. There’s no point – SERIOUSLY – in feeling one way or another about it. Apathetic? Maybe. But I don’t see the value in feeling something for it. Instead, I just adapt. Survive. Move on.

I believe that there’s a divine plan for me and so, when funky change rears her head I say, “Whatever has happened has happened and whatever is coming is already on its way.” Actually Fiona Apple said that.

I love this quote because for me it illustrates how powerless we are in what happens sometimes.While I believe wholly that our thoughts + values create our realities, when change happens that doesn’t feel fair or right, accepting a greater power is an easier option. Having faith feels better than crying over spilled milk.

When change strikes me, I curse a bit, but then I throw in the proverbial white towel and I tell myself (as many times as it takes) that whatever is happening is supposed to be happening. IT JUST IS. It’s non-negotiable.

Why believe me? Well, I know change. I know change in the form of life’s great, my intentions are gum drops and lollipops, my attitude is rainbows and then smack! Derailed. It’s happened to me so many bloody times I can’t even count. Well, I could. Last year I had 4 huge-life-changing changes, the kind where you’re pulled to the side and punched in the stomach.

But you know what? It happened. And it was supposed to happen. Period.

I encourage you to always look at change with a sense of optimism – what good can I find in this change?

Next, apply curiosity: what good could be coming ‘round the bend for me? Surely there is something. Finding silver linings in shitty situations is like glitter for your brain + disposition.

Finally, have courage. Trust in your divine plan, in the universe, in your God, – whatever – but believe that you’re always on the right road.




Photo Credit: Stephen Daws

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