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I’m available as a creative partner, wordsmith, author, and ghostwriter for a variety of projects.  My most recent work have been leading content creation projects for HR and business consultants. 

I’m a featured writer at NetworkingInVan.com where I write a regular career advice column called Dear Gabi. 

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High Time for HR in High Tech

If you’ve spent any time mentoring aspiring HR pros, it’s a question you have heard before. The number one question I hear from individuals looking to break into HR is ‘How did you get into HR? How did you get your position?’Read more →

How to Build a Solid Foundation for Better Work Relationships

Search any of the top business, leadership, or HR blogs and you’ll find that one of the key drivers to employee engagement is clearly communicated expectations. You know this old song and dance; if employees know what’s expected of them and understand (and value) how they fit into the big picture, then they’re likely to be highly engaged. And engagement equals productivity, satisfaction, and longevity. Read more →

6 Silent Culture Killers

HR Pros, people leaders, owners, executives, and CEO’s spend countless resources these days building culture. Following the likes of Zappos, Google, Lululemon, and more – culture is no longer just a buzzword. It’s an essential business strategy. If your employees love you, your clients will love you.Read more →

Building Better Careers: Five Steps to Success

Building a career today is a multifaceted, dynamic goal. Gone are the days where you secured yourself an entry level position and expected to stay with that organization for the next 40 years. Today, we are building brands, investing in self-education, and building our future selves.Read more →

The Art of Working for an Entrepreneur

Working for an entrepreneur can be an incredibly fulfilling, exciting, and challenging experience. Like a rollercoaster it’s fast, surprising, and has all sorts of unexpected twists. The pace is gnarly.

An entrepreneur’s passion is what fuels their incredible drive; they move quicker, think faster, and act so swiftly that it might even feel spastic to an outsider.Read more →

Newly Promoted, Now What?

There’s nothing quite like your first promotion to leadership. You’ve been recognized for your potential, your aptitude, your hard work, and more. But getting promoted to be a people leader is challenging, particularly when you haven’t been a boss before. You’re told to go out and “motivate” a team without really understanding how to do that.Read more →

Six Tips to Get Noticed and Get Hired

Getting noticed in today’s job scene takes pizazz, preparation, and a whole lot of detail. This is either much harder for some individuals or a lot easier for others. It all depends on not what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it. LinkedIn gives us direct access to recruiters, managers, and CEO’s and yet so many of us seem to struggle with just getting noticed.Read more →

The Worst Job I Ever Had

Bad jobs are everywhere. You’ve had one (or three), I’ve had a handful, and we’ve all been there. They’re fully equipped miserable machines with lousy bosses, difficult coworkers, terrible customers, and poor conditions. And if it’s really bad, there’s awful coffee, too.Read more →

The Future of Campus Recruiting: Personal Branding and Online Portfolios

Today’s job market is ultra-competitive and complex especially when it comes to getting hired as a new grad or in fact, hiring a new grad. With 1 in 3 graduates hired in low-skilled positions and youth unemployment nearly double the national average, it’s clear a change needs to come in this job market.Read more →

3 ‘Must Have’ Experiences for Young Professionals

When young professionals enter the job market they’re easy to spot. With their bubbling tenacity, raw enthusiasm, and that whole “the world is your oyster” thing going on, they are practically oozing with vitality.

The thing that can set a great job candidate apart from a good one is life experience. Top employers are looking for employees who are not only talented but have substance to their character; they’re looking for young professionals who have that je ne sais quoiRead more →


Dear Gabi,

How do I convince a recruiter that despite having “no experience” I can still do the job and am a worthy candidate? I’m applying for an entry level job after graduating university but my resume is looking bleak. Read More–> 

Which Social Media profiles should you include on your resume?

With so many considerations to make when writing a modern resume–the icing on the cake is whether to include your social media accounts and then if you do, where do you start?

It’s 2016 and job applicants need to find new, innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. A resume with social media links can be the answer to that. Read more…