Initiative, Chutzpah, & all that Jazz

With the idea that she was as capable as a man came a sudden rush of pride and a violent longing to prove it. – Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind

This quote strikes me on so many levels.  The idea that she was as capable… the sudden rush, the longing to prove. Scarlett had one of my favourite qualities in humankind: gumption. She had initiative, chutzpah, get-up-and get-down, make it happen kind of tenacity that left me in awe.

When I’m hiring I tend to look for gumption, the thirsty eyes and the piercing looks. You can feel gumption as much as you can read it in one’s eyes. Its a force.

Intensity like this isn’t a grab and go kind of ‘tude, it’s built up and created. Its formed of desires, dreams, time, and fire. Like a phoenix that will rebirth itself again and again, this kind of drive is sharpened and strengthened over time.

The closest thing I can link it as is to identify and pursue a passion.

Some of my closest friends are chasing their passion, seeking it, tracking it down. It’s there. Believe it. Keep on working.

Pay attention every day to what motivates and energizes you, and, what frustrates and deflates you. Ask yourself why – what about this makes me feel this way? It’s a ton of work but keep at it. Your phoenix will be born again.

Disclaimer: your passion doesn’t have to be helping mankind, solving poverty, or being on Wall Street. Start humble. Give yourself a small win.

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