2014 Visions

The end of 2013 has been itching at me and whispering in my ear for weeks. It’s e-n-d-i-n-g. Can I get a hell, yes?

To say I’m excited about 2014 would be an understatement. I’m overjoyed, elated, thrilled, fired right up. Recently I took it upon myself to learn the Hustle circa Saturday Night Fever. This + Bee Gees’ Night Fever is my happy track right now. Blissed right out as I think about 2014. Alright, I’m even fist pumping for it.

This time last year I was all weird about the new year. Weird, anxious, and full of premonitions that made my skin crawl. And like the A-type I am, I responded to my fears with the decision to go out and crush some goals. {Writing ‘crush some goals’ gave me the immediate vision of college kids crushing beer cans on their foreheads = dumb as shit.}

For 2014 I’m staying true to what’s working ~ feelings over goals ~ and making no resolutions and no to-do lists disguised as goals. Amen.

So, how do I wanna feel? Influential. Joyful. In flow + harmony. These little darlings guide my goals + decisions for 2014, and in fact have guided me since spring of this year.  And in rebellion of resolutions, there’s no stopping this or starting that to my plan for 2014. It’s about mindfully continuing what feels good. Indulging feels good. So does making fewer commitments, writing, and spending time in + near water. Ice cream is also an essential part of my plan. (It has to be!)

Being mindful of what feels good is like giving yourself a life compass. Mine’s obviously a golden life compass encrusted in jewels. Knowing what feels good, what lights you up, and what truly works with you is the key to figuring out where you wanna go, who you wanna be, and what you wanna do.

If words for feelings don’t cut it, try images. This image here… a beautiful ocean floor, perfect salt water, and the constant sun shining through ~ this is how I wanna feel.

ocean floor

Happy New Year.



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