Eavesdropping on love

I had the most fortunate experience the other day of being the person waiting at the airport terminal on pick up duty.

Due to a serendipitous delay and a missed flight, I was at the terminal for hours, waiting, gazing, and daydreaming.

That day I discovered that airport terminals might just be the most romantic of all places on earth. Sure, the Eiffel Tower has lovers canoodling under the moonlit sky and a gondola in Venice is breathtakingly poetic but airport terminals have something else — reunions. Raw, real, in your face reunions.

That day I saw some of the most romantic things I’ve seen in a long time. I’d watch as people walked through the main gates of the hall and their eyes began the scan. They’d search across herds of people, seeking out their lover. Their eyes would dart eagerly across the great hall until suddenly they’d in lock on their love. I watched as their eyes lit up, as their pace quickened and how it was as though all the noise in the terminal would suddenly dissipate. I imagine The Beatles’ “Till There Was You” playing as their soundtrack.

On the other end I’d see their lovers beeline and walk over all the other people waiting all the while keeping their eyes on their partner. Flowers in hand, smiles too broad for words, they were crashing forward just trying to reach their beloved.

The embraces were so real. Tender and purposeful, I watched as lovers stood in the middle of the crowds of people as if no one else were there and patiently kiss each other, look into each other eyes. Time was frozen in their moment.

There is so much love out there if you can steal a moment to look around. Eavesdrop on love. Whether its a wedding, anniversary, an airport terminal, or just a trip to the grocery store – soak in the love that’s around you, borrow it and let it warm you up.

I wrote this for my sister on her wedding day, all inspired by the idea that for a moment in time we can burrow, eavesdrop, and relish in the love that’s around us.

“Today we stand together

In love

Bright, singing, freeing


We let it soak

Through our toes

Like the ocean sands

Like the ocean sands

It warms us all

–this love—

Its feeds our souls

It heals our hearts

Let this love

Wash over you!

Drink in this love!

Let it

Pass through you

And over you

This love is a waterfall




This love

Is boundless

Touching each

Of our caged hearts

Bidding us to sing

Bidding us to fly”

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