My Two Problems with Pinterest

Pinterest — sweeping wives, sisters, girlfriends and mom’s across the world. And yes, I am now “on” it.

Naturally, I protested for quite sometime. A lovely friend of mine. My sister. I had many women urging me to, “join Pinterest! Come on!” But, as someone who procrastinates on jumping bandwagons, I pushed back. What on earth would Pintrest give me?

And then my sister made a delicious meal.  It was new, it was unique, and it was simply scrumptious. Where did she find the recipe, I blindly asked? Pintrest. Boom. Pinterest.com -> create -> login -> I’m in.

It started with recipes and I’ll honestly say now that I am generally enjoying my time on Pinterest. It’s kind of like realtor websites. A black hole that you can chase down and down and without a blink of an eye two hours passes.

As I explore the never ending landscape of boards, I’m met with all sorts of wonder. There are so many messages on the boards; messages of inspiration fueled by quotes and images, there are really wonderful sounding recipes matched with picture perfect plates and ideas for everything and anything one could ever consider creating in a home. And it’s powered by love. Love for warm homes, happy families, and sweet, sweet food. My kinda place.

As I gallivant and peruse the love powered messages, I’m met with an equal number of different messages. Words like “thinspiration” kicks me in the shin, sticks out it’s tongue, and runs away. Next to it there’s an image of a quick workout I could do that would get rid of my armpit fat (perfect, add that to my next workout!) And then there’s the stories — Pinterest is full of them! Short notes, framed as quotes, telling tales of men who do wrong and the women who love them, tales of women who are stronger, braver, who dream bigger (and better) than yesterday; all this sandwiched between images of melted, gooey chocolate chip cookies (perfectly rounded) and images of household crafts, decor, and more and more perfectness.

This brings me to problem #1, it encourages Unreachable Expectations . These boards, fueled by something that is good, encourages its users to be thinspired by celebrity bods, be a cross fit gal, bake a perfect pie, stencil a bedroom, and be a total zen with her inner self. Eff. It reminds me of female magazines like Cosmopolitan. One page tells you to be a Fun & Fearless Female while the other gives you tips on How to Be a Great Date. Barf.

The worst part is that this that we’re doing it to ourselves. We’re pinning this shit.

On to problem #2. It’s the wishing, thinking, dreaming part — where is the action? Note: I need action in an impatient, pacing back and forth kind of way. Ok, ok — it’s great that you’re expanding your diversity by seeing/reading new ideas. Awesome. How to build interpersonal skills step #1: expand diversity. Start with food and voila! Pinterest is a total vehicle for such an endeavor. Yippee! All you need to do is cook one.

Pinning is just pinning, a fake digital cork board if it’s not followed up with a real life experiences. It’s empty of emancipation; it’s empty of thrill, taste, fear, goosebumps, and tears. Pinning is dangerously close to pining and if you’re always pining after something – what do you imagine you’ll accomplish?

In all the forms that media takes today, we must pause and remind ourselves to be conscious. Be aware of the messages you’re receiving, ingesting, and being kicked in the shins with. Question the messages and allow your purpose to guide your perspectives, desires, and outcomes.

I will stay on the landscape of Pinterest. Why? The recipes. The quotes. The mindless surfing. But when I see words like thinspiration I’ll simply say no and move on.

Here’s a glimpse of what this girl’s been pinning (over!) – http://pinterest.com/gabriellegaron/

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4 Responses

  1. Maureen

    I love Pinterest! My favourite pieces of art in my house are ideas born from Pinterest. Recipes, decorations, projects, organization are some things I have worked on becuase of Pinterst. I find it to be a huge asset.

    I’ve never really looked at it as unreachable expectations, more points of interest if I choose to move forward 😉

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