On Love.

I love, Love. Really. Love is like air; the most basic and primal of my needs.

I’ve always held a special affinity for Love. As a little girl, I never “liked” any my crushes – I loved them. Proclaiming at age 5 that I loved so-and-so to my parents. Imagine a 5 year old, so in Love she had to tell the world…

I always regarded Love as the ultimate destination in this Life. Since girlhood I was on constant search for “the one” – daydreaming of romance and heart. Every time I met a new boy, or even drove by a cute one, I would think to myself, “will our paths cross again? Is he my Love?”

And I still love Love the same way. I think about it all the time. I can often be spotted gazing at my Love, lost in him and swept up in the abundance of Us. It’s a heavy love, in the same way that water is heavy; I am free and buoyant and oh, so caught up in it.

I like to relish in it: asking my Love to tell me stories about Us ~ when we met, how he felt, what he saw… We saunter through the past, recalling lost moments and breathing life into the feeling of it all. “Remember when…. ?” Ah, bliss.

I like to tell him why I love him. I like to remind him that he’s special and real and that I haven’t forgotten. Not because he needs to hear it and not because he doesn’t ~ because I want to wade in the richness of our love, together.

And so today, is the day – Love’s Day and yet, I could care less.

It feels contrived, inauthentic, and insincere. It feels like the word “should” feels to me. It feels forced.

Love is fluid and organic, it does not fit in a box. I want Love in it’s most natural (and vibrant) state: spontaneous, raw, & free flowing. I want it to take me somewhere – unexpected, when I least expect it.

Above all things Love is fun and fun follows no calendar.

Tell me about Love in the comments section.


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