Girls, Part 2

“May the bridges I burn light the way.” — Unknown

When I was 20,  I broke up with my girlfriends. Or, maybe they broke up with me.

We were a troop of girls, friends since we were teenaged and on the inevitable brink of adulthood. This brink – a ledge on the corner of unknown – created friction in our girl gang. We were all changing, like leaves of the season, but at different rates. Our priorities, needs, and desires were evolving and yet we were standing in the same place (together).

For women, friendship is a delicate and complicated thing. Above all things, it’s about relating to each other. Sharing the same values, having similar goals, and the ability to empathize with each other. With this,  I envy men for the way they approach friendship.

Man 1: “Hey, do you want to watch/do [insert sporting* activity]?”

Man 2: “Totally. I’ll bring beer.”

Voila, a friendship blooms.

And the most beautiful thing about men is this: it doesn’t matter if they don’t share all of the same values. It doesn’t matter if their life goals conflict. It doesn’t matter who is always calling whom. Tres uncomplicated.

As our girlhood came to a breaking point, so ensued drama, backstabbing, and more girl like behaviour. It rang loud and clear to me that we were through.

“The hardest walk is walking alone. But it’s also the strongest.” — Unknown

And so I walked. Hard as it was. I was abandoned and yet I split just the same. I felt like I had no way out other than to “never” see them again. Dramatic, I know.

I saw this split as opportunity. I thought finally, I could be someone else. Detached, unassociated, and foreign to the girl standing in the mirror. A fresh start.

I siphoned my personality and all the parts of it I didn’t like anymore, I purified and washed away all the drama, and I made way for a better version of myself to emerge.

And she did. Radiant, strong, and pure. The better version of myself was ignited. {Separating ourselves from those who live uninspired will give us wings.}

I served many consequences for walking out. I lost sleepovers and secrets and everlasting confidants. I lost the feeling of having a circle of friends to trust. This was the roughest road I walked and still, I wouldn’t regret it for a second.

We’re inspired to change daily and while we ignore some signs and read others loud and clear, it comes down to our ability to embrace the unknown and brew up some soul born gumption.

Depart those who don’t inspire you to be better than you were yesterday.

Restrict negative people from the gates of your life.

Know that you can BE whoever you want to be, if you have a will.

P.S. * Not all men love sports, yes, I know.

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